The Biggest Department Stores in Italy

In the last twenty years Italy has been literally invaded by shopping centers. Beside every great – but now even small – city have arisen giant architectural complexes that offer to the population a growing and competitive choice of shops in a unified experience. Covering the biggest stores both on the streets and the online newcomer Amazon.

Orio Center Italy

But which are the biggest shopping centers, with the largest number of stores?

The most important are:

I Gigli

The shopping center I Gigli (lilies in English) is located in the town of Campi Bisenzio, near Florence, about halfway between the capital and Prato. Opened in May 1997 and visited by over 200 million people, the center I Gigli has an area of ​​68,000 square meters spread over two floors; it is home to a large hypermarket, several specialized surfaces and a large shopping arcade with a total of 120 stores, 14 restaurants (from traditional Tuscan cuisine to Chinese) and over 6,000 parking spaces. This department store have become over time not only a reference point for shopping and leisure of all Tuscans, but also a place characterized by numerous social and cultural activities.



One of the largest shopping centers is Italy is Campania at Marcianise, near Caserta, where to a shopping mall long one kilometer with shops on two levels are flanked by a series of external commercial buildings for a total of 200,000 square meters and about 180 shops. In addition to an area for children called Magicabula offering games, educational materials and the opportunity to organize even entire birthday parties, there is a multiplex cinema, 25 restaurants and bars and a Carrefour hypermarket; besides inside is the so-called Campania Square (generally open until midnight), a space entirely dedicated to catering and leisure that includes everything from various events and performances throughout the year. Directly accessible from the exit of Caserta South-Marcianise, has four access roads and a parking for 7,000 cars.


Porta di Roma Gallery

In the eternal city of Rome we have Porta di Roma Gallery, which opened in 2007 in the north of the capital, just before the GRA (at Bufalotta district). The mall is the largest in Europe with its extension of 150,000 square meters, 220 shops, a cinema with 13 rooms, Ikea, The Rinascente department store, an Auchan supermarket, a bowling with 16 tracks, a hotel with 5,000 square meters, 4 tennis courts, 2 for football, outdoor pool, gym and a parking on two floors for 9,000 cars for a total of 250,000 square meters.



Euroma2 is one of the largest shopping centers existing in Italy, but it stands out from all the others, especially for its architecture and for the environment, combining technology and design, luxury and practicality, materials and products quality and a perfect logistics. It also stands for the product range, consisting of 200 shops belonging to all categories of consumer and characterized by the best brands, from 30 bars and restaurants to the most accurate services (including parking for over 4,000 cars). Among the distinctive values ​​of Euroma2 is its location, at EUR, a residential and business area of ​​great prestige, located in the city of Rome and easily reachable from the ring road and the city center, through Via Cristoforo Colombo, a large expressway.


Vulcano Buono

The Vulcano Buono, located in Nola, near Naples, is not only the second shopping center in the region, but is also one of the most distinctive and architecturally interesting in Italy: designed by Renzo Piano in the mid nineties and inaugurated in 2007, it has in fact the unique shape of a volcano, rising on the horizon like a mountain with inside a huge crater; a volcano but not much concrete and steel, because at least outside the property was covered with earth and grass, so that at a first glance it looks like a natural relief. With 147,000 square meters of exhibition and about 160 shops, the mall has a double-height gallery, a cinema, several dining options and even a hotel; also at the crater it is a place that reminds Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples, where are often hosted various kinds of events.



Rome is the capital not only of Italy but also of the large commercial centers. The Romaest is the second commercial center of the capital and the fourth of Italy, strong of 136,000 square meters of exhibition and about 220 shops, including a multiplex cinema, the Panorama hypermarket (which alone covers 24,000 square meters), many clothes shops, restaurants and more. Built starting in 2001 and opened in 2007, contains a Multipurpose Center that provides assistance to the elderly and children and a playground; there is also a parking for 7,000 cars in all and is estimated an influx of around 40 thousand people a day.


The Etnapolis

Etnapolis, located in Belpasso, near Catania, covers 105,000 square meters and has about 150 shops: the shopping center, built in 2006 by architect Massimiliano Fuksas, it is about one kilometer long and is divided into three major areas, that is the large surface area with the most popular international brands, the central gallery with the big stores and the loisir area dedicated to taste and refreshment. It is noted that unlike the other shopping centers, here you will find an outdoor playground with a picnic area for children, many games, basketball courts and beach volley for free.


Shopville Le Gru

Shopville Le Gru, located in Grugliasco, near the city of Turin, is much more than a shopping center: it is also as a container for culture, entertainment and exibitions: a true “agora” where people can meet and have fun. With its 100,000 square meters of covered area and 4,700 free parking spaces, Shopville Le Gru is designed like a village, elegant and functional, offering 180 shops with a wide choice of goods and food, with 24 among bars, restaurants, fast food, the large hypermarket Carrefour, the gas station and the Virgin Active fitness village. The complex also includes three internal squares animated all year. Shopville Le Gru transforms the shopping center into a multipurpose area, a laboratory of social and cultural initiatives. Its aim is in fact to create an authentic place and especially ideas that support and promote the area, organizing activities to amuse and entertain the audience.


Orio Center

Close to the international airport of Orio al Serio, it is one of Italy’s most famous shopping center. With over 200 stores, offering unbeatable fashion and a world of interesting events, Orio Center is not just a place to go shopping but a destination point that attracts families, groups of friends, wandering travelers, young and old people. Public areas, wide streets and well over 2 km of shop windows, make Orio Center a real shopping gem and a perfect place of entertainment and social gatherings, thanks to the many shows and events that are set to interest visitors.
Located near Bergamo, Orio Center is right in front of the International Airport of Milan Orio al Serio (one of three airports serving the city of Milan and fourth in Italy for passenger traffic), which is connected with a pedestrian underpass. The shopping center is home also to a hypermarket, and it has a retail area of ​​about 65,000 square meters and 6,000 parking spaces.



The Fiordaliso mall (in English cornflower), opened in September 1992, is an important reference for shopping in Milan. Open 7 days on 7, it has 130 stores of important brands in clothing, electronics, household goods and there is also a large hypermarket. It offers a very broad offer with fast food, restaurants and cafes. In the business park, located in front of the Fiordaliso, there are 4 stores within easy reach either by car or on foot, thanks to the pedestrian covered walkway. The large car park has 6,000 parking spaces. The Fiordaliso boasts the largest vertical garden of Italy who won the Guinness World Record in September 2012, the innovative service of free charging for electric cars and many other customer services.

Located in a strategic position south of Milan, it is easily accessible through the exit 7bis of the ring road west of Milan which leads directly to the mall.


Auchan Casamassima

The Commercial Park Casamassima, in the province of Bari, is a space dedicated to the whole family, where relaxation, shopping and entertainment meet to give a unique experience. 110 shops with the most glamorous brand of clothing and accessories, objects for the care of the house and of the person, a rich area of ​​restaurants where you can relax with friends while enjoying a good coffee or enjoy local culinary specialties, an area dedicated for children with games and fun and, of course, a well-stocked hypermarket for your every day grocery shopping. The mall has a parking for 5,700 cars.


The Italian Amazon is not as massive as in the United States for example but it still is big enough to be included in this list. This virtual department store on the online commerce front has become one of the biggest players in the country. And the best thing is, that even foreigners can do their shopping on the popular web store in English! Together with incredibly fast and affordable home delivery, it’s an attractive shopping for both foreigners and Italians alike. With everything you would expect from a department store and much much more. We can say that Amazon has been embraced as one of the most convenient and modern ways to do shopping.


Chinese Huguang Guild Opera Louder Than Italian Equivalent

I know what you are thinking, not another post about shows or some weird Chinese acrobatic venues. But don’t worry, there is a reason why I am writing these articles. And that is simply to take ones mind from the not so fun Italian stuff. Well, to tell you the truth I really had fun writing about the different Italian stereotypes.. but that’s just not enough. I needed something that will give me a new perspective as it is something to constantly look for. But interestingly enough there was one show or, theatrical performance to be exact in Beijing that really reminded me of “back home”.

Huguang Guild Opera

Something that would be obvious to those who have the experience, and for those who don’t. Well, you will just have to hope to get some sort of a good glimpse of the crazy magnitude of the Peking Opera art in Beijing. I had heard a lot about Chinese opera, mainly because it was just loud and something from a different world! That’s why I wanted to see one that was as original and less touristic as possible. My hotel recommended to me the Huguang Guild Hall Opera. I asked for something that would be the least touristic as possible and boy, I really got it. It was not only full of Ilocal Chinese people but I even felt that tourists were not that welcome there. Perhaps I was paranoid, perhaps not but this was a truly original experience.

I tried to ask them if another Italian person had been there to see the performance, but they didn’t understand any Italian or neither English. Which is probably not a very big surprise. What was the biggest surprise of all that these people were colorful and loud. Not something I considered a very Chinese trait. But than again, my “Italian traits” are who knows. I absolutely loved it and it was just wicked. With a classic story that takes you to the abyss of Chinese culture. They said that this was the real thing in Beijing and so it was.

If you wonder in town. Probably more than the acrobatics, the circus stuff or even tang dynasty spectacles.. more than all those fantastic and fun experiences I had. If you have the guts and want to see something challenging to see if you can stay awake for the whole hour of performance. Go to see Opera. For those who are not sleeping by the end of this article and want to know more: please have a look at the wonderful Huguang Guild Hall website. They got loads of pictures and stuff to absorb on to get you planning for an unforgettable trip to Beijing.

Cheers & thanks for your patience for another fun article,
Walter Basile

Roman Hillbillies & More Italian Stereotypes!

Italian stereotypes Part II. See here for Part I.

I marchigiani (the inhabitants of Marche) are greedy: an old saying goes “better a dead in a house that Marchigiano at the door”, that’s because, centuries ago, they were tax collectors papal and this has brought forth the idea that in this region are all greedy for money. In fact, this question of greed runs a bit too many regions but, in reality, greed is not a matter of the region, but of people. Let’s say that in Italy some people compensate for the complete lack of feeling with the meticulous care of the current account. But few people, very few, and are those which stay away. In short, those who would like to know a rotten apple? Who would want us to do? Greed and avarice are not typical of the Italians, but only the bad apples that exist in this land. In general Italians, from north to south, more or less, they are very generous.

Typical Italian Old Man

Milan could not miss in this article. According stereotypes circulating, the Milanese are icebergs, people very cold, emotionless. Here, too, it would have to make some distinctions. Now … except that I challenge you to find a Milanese DOC in Milan (now count them on the fingers of one hand, unfortunately), but the real Milan are lovely people, once they know you. As always, and this is one thing you need to consider for all Italians of the north, you have to let you know, then if you go into sympathy, also in the north that’s it!

Another stereotype on which you can have doubts is “Southerners have no desire to work.” It is not entirely accurate, given the people, from southern Italy, went to other parts of the world and the country to work. Certainly the fact that the existence of the “problem of the South”, does not help to remove this stereotype, such as the propensity of the people in the south do not mess … well, sometimes that is true, but it depends on the moment!

And we close with the Romans: they say that these are “hillbillies” (peasants and rude) but … it is not true! They are sanguineous and they have a habit of saying what they think, but … sometimes what they think can hurt! Unfortunately the Roman people are direct and is therefore difficult to reason with them, but they are not bad. It’s a little how to say that in Naples are all thieves! It is true that the city is not at the top of lists of safety and hygiene, but in reality some people are not honest, others a little less.

But according to you, what they think about Italians?
And therein lies the fun. An old Italian saying says “you are like the pot calling the kettle black” and, gentlemen, it is true! You try to put Italians from different in a room and bring back the stereotypes of the various regions: almost certainly confirm all the faults of others and deny those of their region. Who knows, perhaps out of shame or maybe for pride! The fact is that everyone likes to find the faults of others, but their also no.

Hope you liked it! And do let us know about your conception of a “typical Italian” in the comments below.

Walter Basile

Funny & Not So Funny Stereotypes of Italian People

Ah, Italy, a complex country, full of culture, beautiful scenery, good food and nice people … nice people? Looking stereotypes about Italians, rather than beautiful people, we should talk about people unsettling, very unsettling!

Italian Stereotype

How do the world see Italy? Well … according beliefs accumulated in centuries of observation, the world sees Italians like mafiosi, pizza and pasta serial eaters, dedicated to an industrial consumption of garlic, singers, obsessed with sex, and rowdy!
But … is it really so?
But never mind! Of course not! What inaccurate and foolish accusations, especially seen in the light of the stereotypes about the various Italian regions. Oh yes, because the Italians, between them, have to be framed in different stereotypes.

By the stereotypes about Italian regions, we learn that pizza and pasta are not so popular: to beat them is definitely the polenta, which is thought to be eaten throughout the north of the country. We do not know where the people who invented this stereotype has seen this profusion of polenta, the fact is that the inhabitants of northern Italy have earned the nickname of “magnapolenta”! But why stop there? Why not name the classic “Vicentini magnagatti” (eaters cats) (which is not true, but now joined in the collective), the Venetians dedicated aperitif, and Friuli grappa lovers?

And the funny story of the garlic? Garlic consumed in abundance in Italy? Oh no, absolutely not! Parsley is the true ubiquitous vegetable in Italian cuisine, so much so that you hear often use the expression “you are like parsley” because this plant – which regularly gets stuck between the teeth – is used either as an ingredient or as decoration . And, believe me, the smell of garlic can be fought with the mints, but you try to remove the chopped parsley to a dish of the restaurant: before you’ve finished, you’ll be older than Methuselah!

And about mafia? Want we to talk about it? The world must have seen too many times the film series “The Godfather” and thinks that Italy is all made that way! Oh no, absolutely not … do not say nonsense! In reality the Mafia is not as widespread as people think: it has more to do with a more refined “magna magna” in which few people will make their interests, but most of the Italians is and remains honest!

And so on also with regard to sex (in fact the average Italian tries to do it often, but more often than not do it), confusion (take a trip in some locations in northern Italy after 22.00 P.M.: I assure that a cemetery is more lively) and all the other things invented in the centuries regarding the Italians.

But, coming from the stereotypes typical of Italy, there are many others just to have fun.
Here are a few.

“Piemontesi falsi and cortesi”: indicates that people living in this region has a great kindness, but as for personal gain! In short, this is not so, come on! Piedmontese people I met are not false and courteous. Like all the inhabitants of northern Italy, but tend to be shy, if you can win them over, get as much from them. Then of course, there are bad apples, but, you know, for those there is always the box of organic waste!

Still curious about Italian stereotypes? Hold on for the second part of this article!

Breaking Theatre Expectations At Famous Chaoyang Acrobatic Show

In a previous post, I discussed the show world in China. And the other side of things, or a way of life to be exact. I used Italians as a comparison, for people who talk instead of act. And said that Italians are lacking of that ability which many Chinese have. It’s also important to understand that I was much generalising the issue when I said that. So don’t take every word literally. There are even others sides, the the other side of things! =)

I guess often I am reflecting my own behaviour and thoughts when I am posting in my blog. But of course, a lot of it is true. Just in the end of the day, you always have to find your own road the leads or, leaves! In China, I did find that rode for myself. But if someone else where to go to Beijing, perhaps for them the road would be very different indeed. In fact, I’ve heard of many people who go there, and come back hating it. Swearing they will never go back, yet proudly claim to their friends that they have been to the Tiananmen Square. I am no one to say anything bad about those people, just for me the difficulties in a country like China are attractive. Because they make me battle and combat my own difficulties, that originate from my own country. All in all, traveling has really made a tremendous difference in my life.

Famous Chaoyang Acrobatic Show

It’s like the first time you see a Chinese acrobatic show. Such as the one that is known as Chaoyang Theatre acrobatics show, and famous as ever! You think you’ve seen it all or that nothing can bring you a new kind of satisfaction. Simply, because it’s hidden behind a word that is commonly known. Everyone can associate something with the word “acrobatics”, such as equally the word “Chinese” is filled with such associations. While a phenomenon that exists all over the world, I think that China is very special in breaking down those expectations. For example, the acrobatic show I expected it to be boring and not inspiring at all. Yet, I was excited and found a new passion in performing arts. It’s as if Beijing gave me a new opportunity to reprogram my mind, to a more receiving and happy state. Did that happen while watching the show at the Chaoyang Theatre stage? Who knows, but a lot of events that occurred on my travel there certainly contributed to it in a big way. Perhaps in the end, it’s simply something that lives inside of me and makes that trip really worthwhile!

Now in Rome, I haven’t find any other acrobatic shows that look nowhere near as interesting. But it’s time to move on, and look for new things that give meaning to life. Of course, Rome is filled with other performing art venues that are absolutely fantastic. Such as Opera and others. It is like I find myself comparing these theatres when I know that there is no point in it. Is it really human nature to rank venues on top of each other, as if you need to go to the best one or otherwise you won’t be satisfied. For me I guess, the best one is the next one. We can talk endlessly about comparison but even after the great experience at the Chaoyang District of Beijing, I am at no words at some of the performances in my home country of Italy. It’s really one of those “a presto” situations, where things show their true colour so soon that it is surprising even to myself. Meaning someone who has extensive experience in traveling, not just in China but around the vast globe.

That’s it for now. For those who are interested in catching the Chaoyang Theatre Show. Head on to the following address, the acrobatics there is probably the best in Beijing. So I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

36 North East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Hujialou station on lines 10 & 6. “Exit C1”.

For advanced ticket booking, use this email: tickets (at) chaoyangacrobaticshow (dot) (c) (o) (m)

Walter Basile

Culture Impressions

Like the experience I had in China and many others that I will later post about, there has been a common denominator. It is the undeniable fact, that one takes a certain kind of viewpoint into something about what is the general meaning of culture in that place. It’s just a first time impression and a good one at that. But only one stays somewhere for a longer time, the impression starts to change and you understand that differences within one concept of culture. It’s a vast thing to even think about. But then, we have the other side of things.

Like in Rome, where I have lived most of my life, the effect has been almost opposite. Because I lived there for so long, I stopped seeing what was right in front of me. All the differences was just one big porridge of culture. It had lost it’s meaning. So there must be balance in everything. But surely, time is the most important. After having lived in Rome, leaving and coming back several times I have a much bigger advantage and a possibility of understanding new things.

But this should be my goal wherever I go. And that is the reason, why I have to go back to China one day! Perhaps after spending some months there, I can say that I can connect with Chinese culture. But so far, the impression has been very good and rewarding!!

Back in Rome,
Walter Basile

A presto!

The Other Side of the Show World in China

In my previous post I talked about the road that had led me out of the country, and my precious city of Rome. And how it just made me appriciate my origins even more, even up to the extent that it made me want to learn more about my historical background.

But what happened me in these foreign countries that made me think in this way, was something wonderful too. A learning experience of something unimaginable at times. I think the basis of such insight, is in meeting people.

Many of you probably know, that Italians are pretty famous for talking a lot. For example, a good Chinese friend of mine came to visit and even for him, he thought that I was fighting with my own mother. When actually we were just having a normal conversation.

But once I travelled to China myself, to where my good friend lives in Xiamen. Well, there they talk very loudly too, but I guess it’s different somehow. Because when I was there, I was the one thinking that people are fighting. But they smile a lot, and when you see the smile you can be sure that everything is ok. There is no fake people, like in Rome where people tend to think about their appearance more in my experience.

China was a wonderful time for me. Not just Xian but I went all around the country, checking places that were beyond my wildest imaginations. From pristine countryside, some of the most beautiful places like The Yellow Mountains and Li River. I think I need to do a separate post on those, later on. And one very funny experience was at the Circus World Shanghai, where I got to witness probably the best “show spectacle” that I had ever seen. Indeed this was no ordinary show, it was extraordinary acrobatics by most probably one of the best troupes. This was not the classic “Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe”, but a new and fresh act. And I am all about supporting new and innovative creations.

Let me give you some pictures from the acrobatic show to tell you what I am talking about:

Shanghai Acrobatic Show Circus Shanghai Acrobatic Show Troupe Shanghai Acrobatic Show World Shanghai Acrobatic Show

I had been to some performances in the past, but the Circus World was just something of it’s own league. I wanted to see more.. but my time was very limited in China. And I ended up spending most of my time in the South.

But this created an interesting contract. How different Shanghai and Xiamen was. It’s like in Italy how the South is completely different from the North. Rome, is in the South of Italy so the mentality is more relaxed, however being a capital it has it’s edge too. I wouldn’t say that I like Shanghai or Xiamen more, because of their differences. But for a big city feeling, Shanghai was just so much more like the Nanjing Road, which is simply packed with culture, people and everything that can be considered fun.

I guess I became very interested in how they managed to be so happy, be it in the big cities, smaller places in the South or for example the Circus Worls staff who are working endlessly to please tourists with taking daily risks with their show. How can they do that, what is their secret?! This was one of the biggest questions in my mind.

I guess it finally started to open for me, when I visited the wonderful city of Xian. Not Xiamen, but Xian which is the oldest city in the whole of China and where the silk road starts from. Quite far in the North/Middle, and something that is becoming quite famous now amongst tourists. It’s like the wholly triangle of “Shanghai, Beijing, Xian”. But I started from the very South which is not that usual.

As I was already pretty mesmerised with all the acrobatics I had seen, I figured that I wanted to experience something more, something different again. And I found something wonderful that I would also highly recommend to anyone visiting China. It was a Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show which depicts the ancient dynasty, it’s history as well as ancient performing/entertainment arts. It was a huge melting pot of rich Chinese culture, made into the form of a huge show. Not to mention, that it was accompanied with a huge, delicious dinner that I enjoyed so much.

Let me show you some pictures from there as well, and hopefully it will explain it a bit about what kind of a show it was!

Tang Dynasty Show Dinner Tang Dynasty Show Performance Tang Dynasty Show Xian Tang Dynasty Show

The Tang Dynasty Show was filled with colour, beauty and absolutely mind blowing traditional Chinese music. It almost made me cry, as the elegant performances left the stage for the last time. It was an experience that I would never forget. Later on, I found the CD made by the live orchestra that was playing there. Whenever I miss China, I listen to that Cd and instantly warp back to the ancient and magical world of Xian!

This was the last part of my journey, and a surprising one at that. Perhaps later, I will explain about some of the other destinations I went to. There were so many things I did, that it will take some time for me to absorb. But the beauty of Xian is in my mind always, and the happy smiles of the people in Xiamen.. as well as the memory of the smart and ambitious people in Shanghai. Beijing well, that’s another story to be told some other day.

My trip was not just about going to shows and performances, it was being inside the performance 24h a day. At least that’s what it felt like. And going back to Rome, was actually something that I enjoyed. Because I knew, that there was something else wonderful in the world and it’s not just because China is better than Italy or something silly like that. It’s because, I went there and found it!

Just the same way, I could do the same in Rome. I just had forgotten about it. Everything is an adventure, waiting to happen if you let it happen!!

Warmest regards,
Walter Basile

A presto!

Italian Culture VS The Rest of The World

I can start by explaining what I think is the truth. Italian history is vast, culture is deep and  national pride is high. Yet, the culture has been able to stay strong. Or has it? Well, the country is also full of immigrants. They come from all walks of life. Africans, Chinese, Romanian, you name it. Italy is full of people from different backgrounds, religions and customs. Yet, being Italian feels so Italian.

I think the culture has been mixed in a big way. The only things that keeps the culture so nationally proud, is racism and politics. Oh and almost forgot, money. Nationality is not a proud game and I think Italy should wake up to the many realities that live and breed within the country itself. Well, of course many people have because it is something that you cannot run away from. But I feel that the powers that be, are trying to manipulate and take the situation to their advantage. And for their own selfish purposes, mainly that of control.

But sometimes, you just need to ignore that. Mix in and experience your own country. Then sometimes you need to go out of the country, or island as it feels. By distancing yourself with all the chaos that is going on, you can find another way to look at this in an objective way. That method was what started me on this journey.

The road that first led me out of Rome, actually led me back to experience it again in a totally new way. This, is much what my site is about. Even though sometimes, it’s difficult to express in words.

Take care everyone,

Everything is or Should be a Presto

So, you might be wondering what “a presto” means if you don’t speak Italian. It’s my mother language so I should know, but it can be surprising how many people know little about their own language. When people are so used to just saying things, they forget what it really means to say what they say. Do you know what i mean.

That’s one of the things I love about travel, and taking road once in a while outside of Rome. Because by taking distance, and looking back from a new perspective you start to see things in different light. Often, when you meat foreigners you start talking about your own countries, and their differences and such. That’s the time when you have to reflect, and admit to yourself that you don’t know as much as you would like to know.

So ever since, I’ve been kind of fixing this cap I have with Italian culture. And try to think things out, and not just accept everything as blatant “as it is” kind of a phenomenon.

As for a presto, it’s one of those things that Italians say all the time. It means, “see you soon”. And basically you see everything soon, or at least that’s what they say. And it’s a great saying, because it feels people close, into unity. Feeling that everyone is near, and accessible, hopefully, at best.. soon!

A presto my dear blog readers!


Something About Rome & Me

I wanted to give a brief explanation of what kind of a place Rome is. Well, basically it’s like walking in a museum. You cannot see new buildings anywhere, as long as you stick to the city senter. But even to the outskirts, it feels like time has stopped. Yet, what is modern about the city is all the fancy shops with all them fancy brands. That creates a quite a unique atmosphere.

What you can find from all the corners of the city is coffee shops, restaurants and churches. It’s the real wholy trinity of the city and our lives revolve around those three establishments. But for me, churches are only beautiful. I do not practice any religion.

Everyone knows the saying that all roads lead to Rome. However, my saying is the opposite. Because everything kind of starts from here.. and I am really greatful for my Italian roots. However, I think it’s better to move on and take roads out of here sometimes. Finding back is never a problem!

Walter Basile