Roman Hillbillies & More Italian Stereotypes!

Italian stereotypes Part II. See here for Part I.

I marchigiani (the inhabitants of Marche) are greedy: an old saying goes “better a dead in a house that Marchigiano at the door”, that’s because, centuries ago, they were tax collectors papal and this has brought forth the idea that in this region are all greedy for money. In fact, this question of greed runs a bit too many regions but, in reality, greed is not a matter of the region, but of people. Let’s say that in Italy some people compensate for the complete lack of feeling with the meticulous care of the current account. But few people, very few, and are those which stay away. In short, those who would like to know a rotten apple? Who would want us to do? Greed and avarice are not typical of the Italians, but only the bad apples that exist in this land. In general Italians, from north to south, more or less, they are very generous.

Typical Italian Old Man

Milan could not miss in this article. According stereotypes circulating, the Milanese are icebergs, people very cold, emotionless. Here, too, it would have to make some distinctions. Now … except that I challenge you to find a Milanese DOC in Milan (now count them on the fingers of one hand, unfortunately), but the real Milan are lovely people, once they know you. As always, and this is one thing you need to consider for all Italians of the north, you have to let you know, then if you go into sympathy, also in the north that’s it!

Another stereotype on which you can have doubts is “Southerners have no desire to work.” It is not entirely accurate, given the people, from southern Italy, went to other parts of the world and the country to work. Certainly the fact that the existence of the “problem of the South”, does not help to remove this stereotype, such as the propensity of the people in the south do not mess … well, sometimes that is true, but it depends on the moment!

And we close with the Romans: they say that these are “hillbillies” (peasants and rude) but … it is not true! They are sanguineous and they have a habit of saying what they think, but … sometimes what they think can hurt! Unfortunately the Roman people are direct and is therefore difficult to reason with them, but they are not bad. It’s a little how to say that in Naples are all thieves! It is true that the city is not at the top of lists of safety and hygiene, but in reality some people are not honest, others a little less.

But according to you, what they think about Italians?
And therein lies the fun. An old Italian saying says “you are like the pot calling the kettle black” and, gentlemen, it is true! You try to put Italians from different in a room and bring back the stereotypes of the various regions: almost certainly confirm all the faults of others and deny those of their region. Who knows, perhaps out of shame or maybe for pride! The fact is that everyone likes to find the faults of others, but their also no.

Hope you liked it! And do let us know about your conception of a “typical Italian” in the comments below.

Walter Basile

Funny & Not So Funny Stereotypes of Italian People

Ah, Italy, a complex country, full of culture, beautiful scenery, good food and nice people … nice people? Looking stereotypes about Italians, rather than beautiful people, we should talk about people unsettling, very unsettling!

Italian Stereotype

How do the world see Italy? Well … according beliefs accumulated in centuries of observation, the world sees Italians like mafiosi, pizza and pasta serial eaters, dedicated to an industrial consumption of garlic, singers, obsessed with sex, and rowdy!
But … is it really so?
But never mind! Of course not! What inaccurate and foolish accusations, especially seen in the light of the stereotypes about the various Italian regions. Oh yes, because the Italians, between them, have to be framed in different stereotypes.

By the stereotypes about Italian regions, we learn that pizza and pasta are not so popular: to beat them is definitely the polenta, which is thought to be eaten throughout the north of the country. We do not know where the people who invented this stereotype has seen this profusion of polenta, the fact is that the inhabitants of northern Italy have earned the nickname of “magnapolenta”! But why stop there? Why not name the classic “Vicentini magnagatti” (eaters cats) (which is not true, but now joined in the collective), the Venetians dedicated aperitif, and Friuli grappa lovers?

And the funny story of the garlic? Garlic consumed in abundance in Italy? Oh no, absolutely not! Parsley is the true ubiquitous vegetable in Italian cuisine, so much so that you hear often use the expression “you are like parsley” because this plant – which regularly gets stuck between the teeth – is used either as an ingredient or as decoration . And, believe me, the smell of garlic can be fought with the mints, but you try to remove the chopped parsley to a dish of the restaurant: before you’ve finished, you’ll be older than Methuselah!

And about mafia? Want we to talk about it? The world must have seen too many times the film series “The Godfather” and thinks that Italy is all made that way! Oh no, absolutely not … do not say nonsense! In reality the Mafia is not as widespread as people think: it has more to do with a more refined “magna magna” in which few people will make their interests, but most of the Italians is and remains honest!

And so on also with regard to sex (in fact the average Italian tries to do it often, but more often than not do it), confusion (take a trip in some locations in northern Italy after 22.00 P.M.: I assure that a cemetery is more lively) and all the other things invented in the centuries regarding the Italians.

But, coming from the stereotypes typical of Italy, there are many others just to have fun.
Here are a few.

“Piemontesi falsi and cortesi”: indicates that people living in this region has a great kindness, but as for personal gain! In short, this is not so, come on! Piedmontese people I met are not false and courteous. Like all the inhabitants of northern Italy, but tend to be shy, if you can win them over, get as much from them. Then of course, there are bad apples, but, you know, for those there is always the box of organic waste!

Still curious about Italian stereotypes? Hold on for the second part of this article!