About Walter

What can I say. I live in Roma, Italy. The English people call it Rome, I call it Roma. I think it sounds better that way. But nothing is really real anyway, because some people don’t think of my as someone so Italian or even that I would live there. That’s because I travel so much, and I take shortcuts in life to enjoy myself. Something that’s just not “Italian enough” for some.

This website “aprestoroma.it”, is kind of a travel blog. And the words “A Presto Roma”, have become kind of like a mantra to me. Wherever I go I always feel the need to return one day, and that is just so that I can get again the feeling that I am going for another trip. I love that feeling and love to write articles and blog post about it. That is, everything between heaven and earth.

The name is Walter Basile but you can just call me Walter. I am a little afraid of spam, so I guess I should figure out a way to have a contact form or something. Perhaps one day, but those friends which mostly read my blog should already know how to contact me. Which is not easy btw. Hello mum!

Thanks for tuning to my website. If you enjoy reading it, that would be one of the biggest pleasures for me on the web.