Breaking Theatre Expectations At Famous Chaoyang Acrobatic Show

In a previous post, I discussed the show world in China. And the other side of things, or a way of life to be exact. I used Italians as a comparison, for people who talk instead of act. And said that Italians are lacking of that ability which many Chinese have. It’s also important to understand that I was much generalising the issue when I said that. So don’t take every word literally. There are even others sides, the the other side of things! =)

I guess often I am reflecting my own behaviour and thoughts when I am posting in my blog. But of course, a lot of it is true. Just in the end of the day, you always have to find your own road the leads or, leaves! In China, I did find that rode for myself. But if someone else where to go to Beijing, perhaps for them the road would be very different indeed. In fact, I’ve heard of many people who go there, and come back hating it. Swearing they will never go back, yet proudly claim to their friends that they have been to the Tiananmen Square. I am no one to say anything bad about those people, just for me the difficulties in a country like China are attractive. Because they make me battle and combat my own difficulties, that originate from my own country. All in all, traveling has really made a tremendous difference in my life.

Famous Chaoyang Acrobatic Show

It’s like the first time you see a Chinese acrobatic show. Such as the one that is known as Chaoyang Theatre acrobatics show, and famous as ever! You think you’ve seen it all or that nothing can bring you a new kind of satisfaction. Simply, because it’s hidden behind a word that is commonly known. Everyone can associate something with the word “acrobatics”, such as equally the word “Chinese” is filled with such associations. While a phenomenon that exists all over the world, I think that China is very special in breaking down those expectations. For example, the acrobatic show I expected it to be boring and not inspiring at all. Yet, I was excited and found a new passion in performing arts. It’s as if Beijing gave me a new opportunity to reprogram my mind, to a more receiving and happy state. Did that happen while watching the show at the Chaoyang Theatre stage? Who knows, but a lot of events that occurred on my travel there certainly contributed to it in a big way. Perhaps in the end, it’s simply something that lives inside of me and makes that trip really worthwhile!

Now in Rome, I haven’t find any other acrobatic shows that look nowhere near as interesting. But it’s time to move on, and look for new things that give meaning to life. Of course, Rome is filled with other performing art venues that are absolutely fantastic. Such as Opera and others. It is like I find myself comparing these theatres when I know that there is no point in it. Is it really human nature to rank venues on top of each other, as if you need to go to the best one or otherwise you won’t be satisfied. For me I guess, the best one is the next one. We can talk endlessly about comparison but even after the great experience at the Chaoyang District of Beijing, I am at no words at some of the performances in my home country of Italy. It’s really one of those “a presto” situations, where things show their true colour so soon that it is surprising even to myself. Meaning someone who has extensive experience in traveling, not just in China but around the vast globe.

That’s it for now. For those who are interested in catching the Chaoyang Theatre Show. Head on to the following address, the acrobatics there is probably the best in Beijing. So I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

36 North East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Hujialou station on lines 10 & 6. “Exit C1”.

For advanced ticket booking, use this email: tickets (at) chaoyangacrobaticshow (dot) (c) (o) (m)

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