Chinese Huguang Guild Opera Louder Than Italian Equivalent

I know what you are thinking, not another post about shows or some weird Chinese acrobatic venues. But don’t worry, there is a reason why I am writing these articles. And that is simply to take ones mind from the not so fun Italian stuff. Well, to tell you the truth I really had fun writing about the different Italian stereotypes.. but that’s just not enough. I needed something that will give me a new perspective as it is something to constantly look for. But interestingly enough there was one show or, theatrical performance to be exact in Beijing that really reminded me of “back home”.

Huguang Guild Opera

Something that would be obvious to those who have the experience, and for those who don’t. Well, you will just have to hope to get some sort of a good glimpse of the crazy magnitude of the Peking Opera art in Beijing. I had heard a lot about Chinese opera, mainly because it was just loud and something from a different world! That’s why I wanted to see one that was as original and less touristic as possible. My hotel recommended to me the Huguang Guild Hall Opera. I asked for something that would be the least touristic as possible and boy, I really got it. It was not only full of Ilocal Chinese people but I even felt that tourists were not that welcome there. Perhaps I was paranoid, perhaps not but this was a truly original experience.

I tried to ask them if another Italian person had been there to see the performance, but they didn’t understand any Italian or neither English. Which is probably not a very big surprise. What was the biggest surprise of all that these people were colorful and loud. Not something I considered a very Chinese trait. But than again, my “Italian traits” are who knows. I absolutely loved it and it was just wicked. With a classic story that takes you to the abyss of Chinese culture. They said that this was the real thing in Beijing and so it was.

If you wonder in town. Probably more than the acrobatics, the circus stuff or even tang dynasty spectacles.. more than all those fantastic and fun experiences I had. If you have the guts and want to see something challenging to see if you can stay awake for the whole hour of performance. Go to see Opera. For those who are not sleeping by the end of this article and want to know more: please have a look at the wonderful Huguang Guild Hall website. They got loads of pictures and stuff to absorb on to get you planning for an unforgettable trip to Beijing.

Cheers & thanks for your patience for another fun article,
Walter Basile

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