Culture Impressions

Like the experience I had in China and many others that I will later post about, there has been a common denominator. It is the undeniable fact, that one takes a certain kind of viewpoint into something about what is the general meaning of culture in that place. It’s just a first time impression and a good one at that. But only one stays somewhere for a longer time, the impression starts to change and you understand that differences within one concept of culture. It’s a vast thing to even think about. But then, we have the other side of things.

Like in Rome, where I have lived most of my life, the effect has been almost opposite. Because I lived there for so long, I stopped seeing what was right in front of me. All the differences was just one big porridge of culture. It had lost it’s meaning. So there must be balance in everything. But surely, time is the most important. After having lived in Rome, leaving and coming back several times I have a much bigger advantage and a possibility of understanding new things.

But this should be my goal wherever I go. And that is the reason, why I have to go back to China one day! Perhaps after spending some months there, I can say that I can connect with Chinese culture. But so far, the impression has been very good and rewarding!!

Back in Rome,
Walter Basile

A presto!

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