Italian Culture VS The Rest of The World

I can start by explaining what I think is the truth. Italian history is vast, culture is deep and  national pride is high. Yet, the culture has been able to stay strong. Or has it? Well, the country is also full of immigrants. They come from all walks of life. Africans, Chinese, Romanian, you name it. Italy is full of people from different backgrounds, religions and customs. Yet, being Italian feels so Italian.

I think the culture has been mixed in a big way. The only things that keeps the culture so nationally proud, is racism and politics. Oh and almost forgot, money. Nationality is not a proud game and I think Italy should wake up to the many realities that live and breed within the country itself. Well, of course many people have because it is something that you cannot run away from. But I feel that the powers that be, are trying to manipulate and take the situation to their advantage. And for their own selfish purposes, mainly that of control.

But sometimes, you just need to ignore that. Mix in and experience your own country. Then sometimes you need to go out of the country, or island as it feels. By distancing yourself with all the chaos that is going on, you can find another way to look at this in an objective way. That method was what started me on this journey.

The road that first led me out of Rome, actually led me back to experience it again in a totally new way. This, is much what my site is about. Even though sometimes, it’s difficult to express in words.

Take care everyone,

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