All Roads Leave Rome

Ciao! Congratulations, you have found my Rome related blog and personal website. My name is Walter Basile, and I live in Rome. I was born here, and lived here for the most of my life. In between I lived just a couple of years in London to learn English. For Italians nowadays it’s pretty normal to be able to speak English. Before things were very different though, now any sensible Italian will take a few years off from their studies to live abroad.

Thanks to this ability I am able to comunicate about issues about Rome and beyond that are very important to me, for a wider audience. I hope to get some active readers and that you are interested in my writings. I love to get comments, so don’t hesitate to send me some. You can even send me snail mail! My address is:

Walter Basile
Via Monte Altissimo, 20-24
00141 Roma

So let’s get down to blogging. See you everyone! A presto!

Walter Basile