Something About Rome & Me

I wanted to give a brief explanation of what kind of a place Rome is. Well, basically it’s like walking in a museum. You cannot see new buildings anywhere, as long as you stick to the city senter. But even to the outskirts, it feels like time has stopped. Yet, what is modern about the city is all the fancy shops with all them fancy brands. That creates a quite a unique atmosphere.

What you can find from all the corners of the city is coffee shops, restaurants and churches. It’s the real wholy trinity of the city and our lives revolve around those three establishments. But for me, churches are only beautiful. I do not practice any religion.

Everyone knows the saying that all roads lead to Rome. However, my saying is the opposite. Because everything kind of starts from here.. and I am really greatful for my Italian roots. However, I think it’s better to move on and take roads out of here sometimes. Finding back is never a problem!

Walter Basile

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